Monday, 23 March 2015


A tale of two carpets ...

It's not obvious from the picture of the Enviropeel USA stand being set up in Dallas last week at NACE but there is a history to the carpet which you can see forming the square of the stand area. 

Most visitors to an exhibition would not give any thought to the carpet on which they are walking but, as an exhibitor, it is always amazing to see the carpet fitters as they sweep through the hall, transforming its appearance as they cover the ugly concrete on which the stands are being built. Although the hallways are the responsibility of the organisers, each stand has to either rent carpet from the exhibition contractors or supply their own. Renting carpet can be more expensive than buying your own so many exhibitors will bring carpet with them - especially if they are bringing in all their other stand components, as is the case for EUSA.

Last year, Kenny Boehm, CEO of EUSA used a local carpeting supplier in Indianapolis, ordering a single square of carpet for the space you can see in the picture cut to exact size - so it would just have to be rolled out. Unfortunately the supplier was unable to measure the same length twice - so the carpet was too short one way and too long the other! In the end, the carpet had to be cut in half and then a strip cut into the middle of the short section in order to fill the square. 'Never again', said Kenny, 'next year I will rent the carpet'.

So, March 2015 comes round and Kenny just can't bring himself to spend the enormous amount required to rent the carpet - and decides to buy. He goes to the supplier, reminds him of what happened last time and orders the carpet in two pieces to make it easier to fit.

No prizes for anyone who guesses that when they got the carpet to Dallas, not only was it the wrong size but each half was from a different roll and the colours didn't match.

Luckily the show went really well and not a single one of the many visitors to the stand complained about the carpet! We'll let you know what happens next year in Vancouver.

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