Monday, 23 March 2015


Above: the stand is completed ready for visitors

Getting logistics organised for an exhibition is not always as easy as it should be, and having two exhibitions running at the same time just adds to the chaos. For ORPEC 2015 in Oman, we had exhibition material arriving by sea from Australia and by air from the UK with delegates from our Malaysian office and from local partners, 3D Engineering in Muscat.

Luckily, everything and everybody arrived on time and enjoyed the show!

Visitors were able to see Alocit in action, with a water tank and material on hand to try the material for themselves. In the picture, Keiran Hedigan, General Manager of Al Tayeb Water Technology in Qatar, tries his hand at painting underwater - a first for Keiran who prefers rugby to water sports.

Also on hand at the show was Sean Ong who, together with CEO Arthur Haycox were in Muscat to support 3D. Sean can be seen in the bottom picture explaining the advantages of Enviropeel - and its many colours.

Thanks to 3D for their hospitality and help during the exhibition, we look forward to many more visits to Oman.

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