Friday, 17 April 2015


Repairing damaged SBM paintwork underwater for Hyundai

Hyundai is building an oil refinery in Musandam, Oman. An SBM* anchored offshore as part of the project had suffered significant damage to subsea paintwork and a repair was necessary to prevent further damage from corrosion. As there were no local facilities where the SBM could be dry-docked for repair, Alocit was recommended as a cost-effective solution to the problem.

In order to satisfy themselves that such a repair was viable, Hyundai undertook a series of tests. First, the principals were demonstrated to them on site by Sean Ong from our Malaysian HQ using plates prepared using the SBM coating system with areas masked off to allow corrosion with paint edges beside the exposed area chipped away to simulate the damage to the SBM. 

Using water that was specially collected from the harbour, the samples were submerged and prepared for coating using hand tools. A two-coat system of Alocit Tropical was applied to the plates while they were in the water and then left to cure.

Pleased with the onshore test results, Hyundai commissioned a trial application on the damaged area and arranged for it to be filmed. After curing, tests on the trial application showed that the repair had been successful and the Alocit system was adopted for the restoration of the entire damaged area.

A short edited version of the film of the trial application is available for viewing if you click this link.

* An SBM is a single-buoy mooring. These are specially-designed offshore storage tanks, usually connected by pipeline to the shore, that allow deep-draft tankers to offload their cargo without entering shallow waters. 

Alocit has a long history of application to structures of this type, a case history showing complete refurbishment of an SBM using Alocit is available for viewing by following this link.

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