Thursday, 5 March 2015


Strategically situated at the mouth of the Gulf, facing the Arabian Sea, Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Since the 20th century, like other Gulf States, Oman has benefited hugely from its oil and gas industry, although it maintains a relatively diverse economy with income from agriculture, industry and a rapidly-growing tourist trade. In 2012 its capital, Muscat, was named second-best city to visit in the world by Lonely Planet.

In the last two years Oman has become a regular destination for A&E management and technical personnel during the development of its partnership with 3D Engineering Services, working in the oil, gas, processing and power industries. Although a relatively new company, 3D Engineering Services draws on a wealth of strategic and operational experience in the successful delivery of engineering projects in Oman. So far, the partnership has seen three projects completed for Oman Gas using Alocit coatings and both Alocit and Enviropeel projects are in the pipeline for the future.

As part of its strategy for the future of Enviropeel in the region, plans are well advanced for the completion of an Enviropeel batching unit for 3D, based on successful models already operating in the UK and the USA. By providing a local manufacturing facility able to respond instantly to local demand, the facility will be a major step towards establishing Enviropeel in the region.

A&E personnel have also been working with Hyundai in Oman on repair strategies for wave damage to coatings on a large offshore SBM storage facility. Alocit was recommended as it could be used without the use of a dry dock.

Left: A&E CEO, Mr Arthur Haycox together with Mr Mohamed (Admin & Finance Director of 3DES) and Mr Abdullah (Admin Manager & Technical Coordinator of 3DES).

A&E Group and 3D Engineering Services are exhibiting together at the Oman Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition in March, visit us on Stand C465.

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