Monday, 23 March 2015


Something we take very seriously at A&E is our ability to find solutions for what can seem quite intractable problems. With Alocit, because coating underwater and on to oily surfaces already seems impossible, we are often expected to provide solutions for areas where any sane person would know perfectly well that no coating could be applied.

Nevertheless,  we always look at each problem as it is presented to us to see what we can do - or if there is anything we can do to help.

Recently, with more and more stories about climate change and the consequences of increasingly extreme weather events, we have been asked about protecting buildings against flooding. Alocit is frequently used for civil-engineering works where the presence of water makes the use of standard coatings impractical, and it made sense to us when we were asked if it could be used to keep flood waters out and whether it could be used to help repair flood-damaged buildings.

Clearly there are limits to what a coating can do to prevent flooding, but the question set us thinking about an integrated approach to flood protection and what part Alocit might be able to play. Following a lot of industry research and in-house testing, we have launched a new website -

The site is a first attempt to draw together a range of simple remedial solutions for the protection of homes and buildings that might otherwise suffer serious damage from flash flooding and other short-term, potentially catastrophic water-affected events. It's all about being prepared and recognising risk. If we can help ... and maybe sell some coatings too ... everyone's a winner!

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