Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Living as I do, in the UK, the beginning of a new year marks the end of the 'festive season' and is both an opportunity for celebration and contemplation. Even as we celebrate, news of terrible misfortune and war are never far away - and we always hope that the New Year will turn out to be better than the last.

Of course, New Year arrives at other times in different traditions and calendars. In this, as in many things, humanity does not speak with one voice. 


Nevertheless, any opportunity to wish for peace, prosperity and universal good will is worth taking and so, together with all my colleagues at A&E offices around the world, I sincerely wish you all a very Happy New Year, whenever it may be!

恭禧發財   عام جديد سعيد  Bonne année et bonne santé  
feliz año nuevo Frohes Neues Jahr  Chúc mừng năm mới!

Tim Davison

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