Thursday, 9 June 2016


21 Countries, 300 trainees

I was thinking about Sean Ong's globetrotting status, as mentioned in an earlier blog - so I asked him how many countries he had travelled to for training purposes. It turns out that Sean has trained in 21 countries: Brunei, Australia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Congo, UK, Vietnam, New Zealand, Mexico, Namibia, Columbia, Japan, Korea, USA, Argentina, Iran, Trinidad, Belgium, Congo & South Africa - quite a list - and has probably eaten some pretty random meals while he was at it (Sean enjoys his food). In the process, nearly 300 Enviropeel trainees have passed under review ... but not all have made the grade. Sean is famously strict about the quality of his courses - he once failed a whole class of trainees in the Middle East whose work was not up to scratch!

Right: Sean embraces his inner tourist

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