Thursday, 9 June 2016


Actually, the history of green and gold is a little controversial ... was it South Africa or Australia that first took to the sporting arena in their signature colours? Since Enviropeel has been in Australia for so many years, it could be argued that we should be firmly in the Aussie camp but in this, as in all things, we have to keep an open mind - and it is clear that both countries have a lot more than just their sporting colours in common. 

So, we are very glad to report that something else they now share is Enviropeel. 

With a strong resources sector of its own, South Africa has long seemed a natural partner for our products and now the partnership has been sealed. To complete the process, Sean Ong from the Malaysian office and Josh Haycox from the UK recently flew out to Johannesburg to commission the equipment and train personnel at the premises of Robatech SA who are the Enviropeel licensees for South Africa. 

A local industrial coatings company, Velvolor, is working with Robatech SA to provide technical support and it was management and personnel from this company that received the training. The training was very successful and Velvolor, who are already involved in large-scale flange protection, are confident that Enviropeel is the perfect solution for ingress and corrosion protection in South Africa.

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