Monday, 13 June 2016


Back in the 1930s, a still was a popular accessory for many farmers in the mid-west - and the whisky those stills produced was well received by those who liked to drink but didn’t like to pay tax! Prohibition may have finished by 1935, but moonshine remained in high demand and its production could be very rewarding.

According to Boehm family history a two-door Chevrolet ‘Standard’, similar to the four-door model illustrated in the advertisement above, was exchanged with them for a consignment of moonshine by the local Chevy dealer. What is even more remarkable, is that the same car has remained in the family ever since.

Now owned by Kenny (Two-Gun) Boehm, President of Enviropeel USA and the grandson of the original owner, the car has been lovingly restored by the family and, as you can see in the photograph below, is a beautiful example of living automotive history.

Despite being more than eighty years old, the car runs as sweetly as ever and, now that the horn has finally been repaired, is as good as new. I had the privilege of driving it during a recent visit to the EUSA office and really enjoyed the experience. Kenny, who is now a grandfather himself, relishes the possibility that the car will remain in the family for generations to come.

No GPS on this model ... copy from the advertisement illustrated above:

"In addition to the all-important chassis features which give to each Standard Six model its splendid durability, performance and economy, the Sedan exhibits such refinements as the following: Long wearing, thick ply upholstery in richly beautiful colors; recessed arm rests in the rear compartment; carpet-covered foot rest; pockets of the upholstery material on the back of the front seat and on the right front door; robe rail; push-button internal door latches in door mouldings and the various other equipment ordinarily looked for in cars of a much higher price."

The 1935 Standard Coach was great value at $485. Now, Kenny tells me, a replacement tyre for the same car costs nearly as much, at over $400!

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