Monday, 9 April 2018

The Enviropeel MAEx-25

Riser installation is a key element in offshore critical-path planning. To ensure continuity for their installations both Chevron and TOTAL have now mandated that a spare equipment and parts be present during applications to ensure equipment redundancy. As Enviropeel is specified for splash-zone risers, its equipment is an essential component in the installation critical path and spare equipment must be available at all times.

Most recently ordered for use through 2H Offshore is the MAEx-25 unit which is rated for hazardous location use and was chosen by the client because of its reduced footprint on the drilling floor, along with increased production capacity and user-friendly controls.

The MAEx-25 is available to suit a range of international electrical supply standards and can be equipped with 30 to 60 foot hose lengths allowing it to cover an area of over 11,000 ft2 without changing location. Outfitted with a gas-detection safety shut-down system and explosion proof electrical containment, these units are independently certified for use in hazardous locations by DNV-GL. Contact Enviropeel USA for more information.

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