Monday, 9 April 2018

Big Foot spotted in the Gulf

Chevron’s Big Foot development, located 225 miles (360 km) south of New Orleans in 5,200 feet (1,585 m) of water, will have the deepest Tension Leg Platform in the world. The platform supports a full-capacity onboard drilling rig for well development and its production wells will use electric submersible pumps at a depth of 16,000 feet (4,876 m). The Big Foot Field is estimated to hold recoverable resources in excess of 200 million oil-equivalent barrels and the production facilities are designed for a capacity of 75,000 barrels of oil and 25 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

2H Offshore, a company working with Chevron on the project, contacted Enviropeel USA through one of its consultants, to talk about the possibility of using Enviropeel to preserve riser splash zone joints for Big Foot. At the time, Enviropeel USA was working with other Enviropeel colleagues in the UK and Malaysia to develop a riser joint protection system for Maersk in Europe. After a number of demonstrations and consultations with 2H and Chevron, a splash-zone riser protection system was proposed that included EMCT, an external impact resistant wrap for Enviropeel that was compatible with the TSA coated risers.

Chevron/2H specified Enviropeel with EMCT to be used on 24 production risers in the Gulf of Mexico beginning in 2014. Corrosion Coatings Systems (CCS), our distribution partners in the region, entered into an MDA with Chevron for this project, acquiring machinery and material on their behalf.
In the event, the riser protection project was postponed until 2018 due to malfunction of tendon legs anchoring Big Foot.

During the Chevron Big Foot Riser specification, 2H Offshore also proposed to the use of Enviropeel and ECMT to another of their clients, TOTAL, for protection of new drilling and production risers on the Delta TLP located in the Moho Nord Field off the cost of the Republic of Congo.
Total and 2H met numerous times with CCS to work out appropriate scope of work based on previous specifications for Chevron Big Foot. Eventually Enviropeel & EMCT was specified to protect 18 drilling and production riser splash zone joints.

Due to the location of the project it was originally agreed that Enviropeel would train TOTAL platform personnel to install Enviropeel and the EMCT system as part of the mobilisation to protect the first drilling and production risers. However, during the first training mobilisation with an Enviropeel team from the UK and the USA, TOTAL decided that it would be preferable for Enviropeel personnel to mobilize for each riser installation to ensure a quality installation.

Currently 1 drilling riser and 5 production risers have been installed successfully, including Enviropeel and EMCT protection. Enviropeel personnel mobilize approximately every 3 months to perform these applications as each drilling riser is installed. This project is slated to finish in 2021.

Enviropeel Holdings, EUSA’s parent company and owner of the Enviropeel brand internationally, has a patent pending for its offshore riser system as well as existing patents for key elements of its application equipment.

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