Saturday, 28 October 2017


You may recall me speaking about a fantastic follow up report from Shell after its inspection of an Enviropeel test application by our UK distributor in the North Sea (September 2016). This report has now been incorporated by Shell into its recommendations for maintenance purposes in atmospheric conditions:
Test applications for Shell in the North Sea

  1. The Enviropeel coating system is a suitable surface tolerant coating system for maintenance purposes for atmospheric exposure conditions. 
  2. Minimum surface preparation is required before application of Enviropeel. It is recommended to have a minimum St 2 surface cleanliness.
  3. The Enviropeel coating system can provide a reactive solution to existing corrosion problems on assets, with long-term active effects. Based on track records and long-term testing, the expected lifetime prediction for the coating system is 10 years.

Just like we have been telling you all along! 


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