Tuesday, 22 December 2015


... of course it is

12 months ago, I was wishing everyone a 'Happy New Year' and, without any warning, the year is up. At least, that's how it seems to me.

I suppose that part of the reason is that all the offices have been so busy. Not just working on our own projects here in the UK but working in different ways, especially developing new strategies in the US at Enviropeel USA and Alocit USA who, as we mentioned earlier this year, are playing a far greater role in the Alocit and Enviropeel brands. But, as well as changes in the US, this year has also seen a great new relationship developing within Europe and our new friends at Energy Coating in the Netherlands, renewing old friendships in Australia, as mentioned in our post earlier this month and, in a blog to come, working with old friends at IMG in New Zealand with a new training programme and a very interesting look at the problems they will be helping to resolve in the local salt mining industry.

None of which compares with the work that has had to be undertaken in Malaysia where, because much of the technical development and machine manufacture is moving to Indianapolis, the office has moved from the factory development to a new administration centre. Everything had to be moved and they haven't finished yet ... they will need the new year just to recover! Phone lines etc have still to be assigned ... we will keep you updated.


It wouldn't be Christmas in the USA without a Christmas tree, some fairy lights and some flanges covered in Enviropeel ... at least that's what Ann seems to be telling us with this photo from a corner of the EUSA office.

We love it ... the more lights (and Enviropeel) the merrier.

All of us hope that 2016 will bring you peace and good fortune wherever you may be.


We are great supporters of the Australian Corrosion Association ... they know a thing or two about rust prevention. So I visit their website from time to time, just to see what's going on. At the moment, they have a great little movie featured on their home page on 'winning the fight against corrosion'. It's very informative and enjoyable to watch and it has some interesting ideas on new technologies ... have a look, you might recognise one or two of them.


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