Friday, 11 December 2015


New minibatch units prove themselves in the UK and USA

We have been making Enviropeel for just over sixteen years and have been continuously developing the material and our manufacturing technology throughout that time. More recently, we have been developing plans to decentralise production - to introduce minibatch manufacturing plants for the production of Enviropeel on a more localised basis - both to shorten supply lines and provide a faster, more adaptable service. Now, the new system has been tested and and proved both in the UK and the US and, in a major step forward, is ready for implementation in all regions.

Because the raw materials are pre-mixed, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process, regional centres can now have the capacity to produce the majority of their local requirement  - even if they only have limited space. Of course, strict quality controls have to be maintained but the process has streamlined to ensure this can easily be achieved with suitable training.

The system also means that the colouring process can be applied at the final production stage - so non-standard colours can now be available at short notice and in small quantities, providing a much faster and more customised service to our customers.

The minibatch system will also be available to qualified distributors - which can be of major inportance in areas where local manufacturing can play a very important role in reducing costs and increasing acceptance of new technologies.

The photograph shows the E170 Minibatcher in the UK. The entire process can be operated by a single person and, despite its small size, this unit can produce a tonne of material every week.

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