Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Okay, so it wasn't the nineteenth century or the North Pole, but it was pretty cold. And, I suppose I should point out, Ivan doesn't really smoke a pipe or wear a knitted beanie ... maybe he should because it's an interesting look.

The reason Ivan was out in the cold was that Technip FMC and their client, Husky Energy, were looking for a coating to apply on their FPSO, Sea Rose. They organised a trial of three short-listed coatings - one of which was Alocit. Ivan travelled up to Newfoundland to oversee the subsea application of Alocit in waters below 5°C. Alocit USA supplied a custom-built pumping system for the trial and, despite the distance between the pumping station and the diver, were the clear winners of the trial, significantly outperforming the rival coatings. The system allowed continuous delivery of Alocit to the diver from the FPSO deck to the application site, more than 50 metres away.

The pics below show the diver applying Alocit and the frozen splendour of the area around the work site.

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