Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Like father, like son?

Not so much ...

CEO, Arthur Haycox and his son, Technical Director of A&E Simon Haycox, do have a lot in common but it may not be obvious from the photograph. Taken at this year's AOG in Perth, the photo shows them relaxing after a day of presenting to attendees at the exhibition, one of the relatively few arenas where their complementary skills are best displayed together.

Arthur is a businessman and entrepreneur who has a perverse pride in owning a paint company but never using a paint brush, whereas Simon would not only use the brush but redesign it to make sure it gave optimum performance.

Simon was in Perth to work on developments at the Perth office but, as the designer and engineer behind the development of the riser clamp protection system, it seemed like a good idea to have him on the stand to answer questions. His long history with Alocit was also a useful asset as the water tank featured in the photo became a focus of attention for newcomers to Alocit's amazing underwater capabilities. Simon was also involved with the original design for the Enviropeel application units back in the 1990s so, between the two of them, they know all there is to know about the A&E business.

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