Monday, 5 October 2015


For the past four years the A&E Group has been working with its US partners, Enviropeel USA (EUSA) to forge a new strategic alliance, building on the synergy between the two organisations to bring new strength and energy to its business.

Starting with their acquisition of licences for Alocit and Enviropeel in their local area in 2011, EUSA moved on to licence the entire US and then the whole of the Americas. In 2014 they considered taking majority interest in the companies controlling the Alocit and Enviropeel products but have now moved to buy all of the IP for Enviropeel and a majority shareholding in Alocit International. Kenny Boehm, owner and president of EUSA, met with A&E Group CEO, Arthur Haycox in the UK last week to finalise the details of the changes and discuss new plans for the development of the business in Europe, Australasia and the Americas. 

‘Bringing the system development work under one roof in the US means we can really power ahead’, remarked Kenny, ‘we’re really happy that the A&E Group Technical Director, Simon Haycox, will be cooperating with our Technical Manager, Ivan Hess, sharing his experience and expertise to strengthen the engineering and product design skill base that EUSA has already established here in Indianapolis’. 'At the same time, in the UK, a new joint venture marketing company, Alocit & Enviropeel Services, will be working to bring more product emphasis to new websites and co-ordinating project administration for Europe'.

‘I am really excited to be working more closely with Kenny’, commented Arthur, ‘we are living in very turbulent times and this new relationship will help us focus on serving our customers better, wherever they may be in the world. Work is in progress on changes to the website and the structure of the UK reorganization is in place, so we do not expect there to be any negative impact on customer services. With all aspects of the change due for completion by the end of 2015, we are looking forward to a fantastic new year'.

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