Monday, 27 January 2014


Friends of Alocit and Enviropeel will know that we have been long-term supporters of NACE Corrosion Expos and other technical conferences. We have presented papers at many of them over the years and have plans on the table for a number of conferences in 2014. Already confirmed are two NACE exhibitions: San Diego in March and Beijing in May.

CORROSION 2014 - 9-13 March - Stand 1747

For Corrosion 2014 in San Antonio we are working with our Indiana-based US partners - EnviropeelUSA - who are Master Distributors for the whole of the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. EUSA President, Kenny Boehm, who has been digging himself and his neighbours out of the snow recently, is hoping that Texas will have warmed up a little by March. Visit us on stand 1747 where we will be happy to answer your questions on our products - or just share a cup of coffee and talk about the weather!

SINOCORR 2014 - 19-22 MAY - Stand D02

'All the proofe of a pudding, is in the eating' (William Camden 1605)

In Beijing, as well as exhibiting, A&E are presenting two papers: one each for Alocit and Enviropeel, both looking at the background to the Group's long-term testing regime. We have written previously about Enviropeel ASTM B117 testing in our blog, back in November, but 3000 hours have passed since the last report and by May it will have been over a year - 8766 hours. With long-term UV and deluge testing as well as a range of background information, the Enviropeel paper will have plenty of detail for conference attendees to digest.

For both Alocit and Enviropeel, because they are problem-solving coatings working in difficult environments, selecting the most appropriate testing regime is vital. For the Alocit presentation, we look at the these problems in the context of our experience in the field and how testing can lead to new developments in substrate protection.

So, while we fully agree with William Camden that the best way to prove a product is to try it, it can also be useful to provide some facts and figures too!

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