Thursday, 7 November 2013

Showing off in Japan

Sean Ong, the Group Manager for the Far East, has just returned from Japan where he was helping our Japanese distributors, A&E Systems Japan, at the Maintenance Techno Show in Tokyo - one of the region's largest anti-corrosion showcases. The A&E stand was very busy and many visitors were amazed to see Alocit being applied underwater, with lots of them trying an application for themselves in the small demonstration tank on the stand.

Left: Visitors form a line to see what Alocit and Enviropeel can do for them.
Centre: A&E Japanese President, Satoshi Koyama, demonstrates how to apply Alocit underwater 
while on the right visitors examine small flanges coated with Enviropeel.
The stand featured both Alocit and Enviropeel products and, as Enviropeel is a relative newcomer to Japan, engineers and executives were intrigued to discover how simple bolt protection has become using Enviropeel.
Sean tells me that the rewards for all their hard work came in the evening when he was able to enjoy some excellent Japanese cuisine (see left)!
Satoshi Koyama was recently supervising applications at the stricken Fukishima Nuclear Plant where Alocit coatings are being used as part of the rehabilitation process at the site. A&E are working with major Japanese power, oil and gas companies to introduce their technology to Japan.
For readers who speak Japanese, more information about A&E Systems in Japan can be found on their website at

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